The mandatory mediation process in Ontario

Ontario law requires most disputes to proceed to mandatory mediation. It is a process that must be followed before a case is allowed to proceed to trial. There are various reasons why this is law, but the main objective is to ensure that more cases are settled outside of court. When litigation is started, mediators are appointed as early on in the proceedings as possible. Of course there are cases that are exempt from mandatory mediation.

The Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program requires that parties must attend the mediation in person for up to three hours. Sessions can however be shortened if an agreement or settlement is reached.

What can you benefit from mediation?

Both parties stand to gain a great deal from the mediation process in Ontario. While emotions are high and the dispute seems impossible to settle, people often forget there are alternatives to litigation, law suits and court. By making use of a mediator you can preserve your relationship with the opposing party. In addition to this you can expect for the costs involved to be much less than if the case goes to court.

The mandatory mediation process not only helps both parties to better understand each other’s positions, but also presents the opportunity to handle the case privately and without public embarrassment.

The role of the mediator

The mediator has the responsibility of helping parties to find a solution that is fair to both sides while remaining absolutely neutral during the process. The mediator does not judge or assign right or wrong to any of the parties. Whether an agreement is reached or not, the mediator must provide a report on the conclusion of the sessions.

To find out more about the mandatory mediation process and how it can help you to settle your dispute cost-effectively, privately and with as little stress involved as possible, contact us at Jutras Legal and Mediation Inc. in Ontario without delay.

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