Jutras Legal: Your partner in resolving conflicts

At Jutras Legal we specialise in resolving conflicts through professional mediation. We understand that many people want legal conflicts resolved as smoothly and as swiftly as possible and we strive to make this happen for every client.  Although you may feel there is no hope or you feel confused and frustrated by the legal processes, please call us so we can discuss conflict resolution and find a way forward.

Mediation is a form of negotiation process where the parties meet under the supervision and guidance of a neutral person who has expertise in law, negotiation and mediation principles. Many people consider mediation to be a progressive approach to conflict resolution and if your conflict can be resolved in mediation you avoid having to go to court.

Why is mediation an ideal way to resolve conflicts?

  • More cost-effective
  • Quicker than court proceedings
  • More confidential
  • Less stressful
  • Less confrontational, thus preserving relationships
  • Entirely voluntary

If you are going through legal issues and want to know if mediation is a viable option for you, our friendly team is standing by and waiting to assist. Mediation isn’t restricted to one type of lawsuit, we conduct mediation for general lawsuits, family law, small business lawsuits, corporate lawsuits, commercial lawsuits, estate planning lawsuits and more. We have decades of experience and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to all of our clients.

Discover why so many people partner with us to resolve conflicts smoothly and quickly. For more detailed information about the range of professional services we provide, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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