Why should you opt for estate planning mediation?

If you are looking for a cost-effective and sensible way to plan for the transfer of your assets to your loved ones after your passing, then estate planning mediation is a great option. During this process you will use the same documents as you would during a conventional estate plan, however you will have the opportunity to thoroughly consider and discuss all of the available choices to you.

Since the estate planning mediation process is flexible and client-driven, it is possible to include experts and family members in this discussion and decision making process if you wish. Estate planning mediation goes far beyond the conventional paperwork and creates a more thoughtful and thoroughly considered estate plan.

Don’t Complicate Estate Planning – Opt for Mediation Services

In this day and age where families are blended, with multiple marriages and step-siblings, estate planning has become more complex. However, by creating an estate plan through the help of professional mediation services you will be able to work together with your family and all vested parties to design a plan that will minimize the possibility of future family conflict. This will be achieved while you are still able to accomplish all of your financial goals.

There are some tangible benefits to opting for estate planning mediation, including:

  • Preserving family harmony by minimizing the possibility of future conflict;
  • Discuss your estate plan in a confidential setting;
  • Create a bespoke estate plan tailored to your own unique family;
  • Preserve open channels of communication.

We provide affordable and professional estate planning mediation services to our valued clients. To learn more about our services and to find out how you can benefit from them, simply contact Jutras Legal and Mediation Inc today.

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