Estate planning mediation – a mandatory service in Ontario

Family litigation and malpractice claims are the very reason why estate-planning mediation services in Ontario are sought after. In fact, in Ontario it is actually mandatory for mediation to be involved in the estate-planning process.

Under the supervision of an experienced lawyer, you can ensure that not only is your estate planning process carried out correctly, but that all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome and have nothing to contest.  Without estate-planning mediation, there is the risk of family stress, a lengthy and more costly process and sometimes emotionally draining experience for those involved in the proceedings.

What estate planning mediation means for your family

With the right legal assistance, you can expect estate-planning mediation to guarantee a quick and hassle free process when it comes to dividing a loved one’s estate. Family relationships can be preserved as a neutral mediator is tasked with ensuring the estate plan is fair and that everyone involved understands the process.

Mediation can assist family members to settle any disputes outside of court which means that the process is more confidential, less emotionally stressful and a quicker, more cost-effective means of ensuring that your loved ones wishes are catered to.

At Jutras Legal and Mediation Inc. we believe in progressive mediation, which ensures immediate resolution of issues arising from a will. Helping family members come to an understanding and agreement outside of court and with as little emotional strain as possible is something with which the Jutras Legal and Mediation Inc. team is synonymous. Turn to us for more information on our estate-planning mediation in Ontario today.

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